Improve your game with imitation learning, improve your Mindset and most important of all: don't forget to enjoy yourself.

You want to play better...

You watch videos, you have tried clinics or sessions with coaches in your area, but you feel that you are not improving.

Your Padel level is in the same place as it was a while ago and neither your shots nor your tactics have improved in recent times.

Imagine that instead of continuing to test, drifting aimlessly and not knowing if you are on the path to improvement or not… You begin to understand the sport, improve your shots, enjoy yourself on the court and become a happier person.

Make your improvement easier and faster!

"Padel by Pieces" Method is the best way to learn Padel in an orderly manner and guided by a successful professional trainer

This system has already been tested on professional players in Spain and on amateur players who have managed to improve quickly, now enjoying Padel much more.

Easy to learn

It does not matter how old you are or the level from which you start

Learn in person
or online

You decide from where you want to learn the method, no matter how far away you are

Be a happier player

These teachings will improve your life on and off the Padel court

How does our "Padel by Pieces" Method works?

We work with a professional structure that we have already successfully tested that places the person at the epicenter of the game. We, through the learning, teach you the essential shots, as well as:

HOW to do them, WHERE to execute them and WHEN they should be done.

Luis Hernández Quesada – Pro Padel Player

We Love to work with all of you

They have already tried our training Method... And now they are professional players

Javi bravo

Pro Player - Number 113
World Padel Tour (WPT)


Pro Player - Number 150
World Padel Tour (WPT)

luis hernández

Pro Player - Number 102
World Padel Tour (WPT)

More than 400 students from all over the world have tried the "Padel By Pieces" Method. Be among the first in your country and improve with the method used by professional players