Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Our Padel Academy trains players of all levels, improving their weak points and making the most of their strong points, so that they can perform at the best level in any Padel match.

Our mission is to help the greatest number of people to achieve the objectives that have been proposed through Padel, but that they cannot achieve because they have not mastered the most important part of the game:

MindSet: Decision making in a match overwhelms them, they see too many options and end up making bad decisions most of the time.

From our Padel Academy, we guide you in each of the necessary steps so that you can have the winning mentality with a single strategy: Padel By Pieces.

Why use the Padel By Pieces System?

Installing the Padel By Pieces system in your mind allows you to scale your level of play while improving your shots and your decision making, managing to compete better in your matches and tournaments, and and as a consequence getting better results than what you have achieved up to now.


When you train with a single learning strategy, you get to be more focused and with more clarity of ideas. Thanks to this, learning Padel becomes simple and precise.

Generates results in a very short time

Each piece of which the training system is made up is optimized and tested so that you notice results after the first week.

Learning outside padeL

Although sometimes we don’t realize it, Padel and our life outside of Padel have many similarities. Padel By Pieces teaches us lessons that will inevitably serve us in both situations. Your attitude in training will be key to catch these teachings.

valid for everyone

Anyone who wants to compete and receive Padel classes will see their performance grow on the court with this method, regardless of their age, previous experience or physical qualities.

are you ready?

train with US!

About us

Know now who is behind MindsetPadel Academy

Couch Padel España

RICHY alcantara BAILEY

Padel coach and professor of technology and physics.
He has been playing Padel since 1990 and very early on he started training players.

In high school he not only works as a teacher, but also as an educator. He is passionate about the human being and his brain, which is why this course addresses Padel from a perspective that is not only sport.

Like so many coaches, he has earned his reputation from below, since having been a player has never prevented him from training players of any level, something that makes him always be connected to amateur Padel as well. And, of course, he trains professional players like Carmen Castillón, Javier Bravo, Calle Knutsson, Luis Hernández, Karlos Rodríguez…

At MindsetPadel Academy he is the CEO and promoter of the idea, as well as the designer of the Padel By Pieces System.


Industrial engineer, investor, co-founder and CMO of MindsetPadel Academy. He currently also runs several growing companies.

Passionate about the world of personal development and finances, he has specialized in the psychology of success through reading and the obstacles that life has thrown his way. He is now one of the MindsetPadel Academy players, and has the goal of reaching the best version of him as a professional Padel player.

He brings his best attitude to the entire team and leads the strategic actions of the best Padel Academy at an international level: MindsetPadel.

FRANcisco ALAMEDA robles

Journalist, player and Padel coach and almost a psychologist.

He practiced journalism for three years, but decided to be a part of the story instead of the teller. Currently, he competes in the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel, without neglecting his coaching part: he is the coach, among others, of Manu Aragón, Spanish U16 Champion, and Marcos González, U14 World Champion in 2019.

He is another passionate about the human brain and mind, which is why he is completing a Professional Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching.

In MindsetPadel Academy he gives us pause, an analytical vision beyond the obvious and deals with the creation of content.

How was MindsetPadel Academy born

MindsetPadel was born from the shared passion for Padel and the lives of two friends who, after many hours of training and matches, realized that their ideas converged in the same direction. In this way, they began to shape a unique methodology to teach this sport and share their “disease” for it.

The union of coach and player gave rise to a powerful idea: together we are stronger and better than apart. This is how the MindsetPadel Academy in Malaga was born, which spread to the rest of the world. But we didn’t want to stop there.

At our in-person academy, we had the opportunity to work with students from around the world who were looking to learn from us, but were unable to train in person. It was then that the need arose to create an online academy, a platform where anyone could benefit from our knowledge, regardless of their geographical location.

We understand that in today’s world, distance should not be a barrier to learn and improve in Padel. For this reason, we work hard on our methodology for both the face-to-face and online academies, making sure that our students receive the best possible training. Thus, we have managed to take our ideas from Málaga to any part of the world, and we are proud to be able to help so many students to reach their maximum potential in Padel.

Our Values

This is what the students of our Padel Academy value the most


We understand Padel as a tool that makes us happier, and it is what we feel every time we are on the Padel court. The best way to grow in every way is with a great attitude.

knowing how to listen

We listen to our players in order to understand them and their minds, being able to teach them everything we know and what we continue to learn every day.


The combination of having great knowledge of Padel and the functioning of the brain makes us the Best Padel Academy with a unique teaching method. We do things differently so you get different results.

More than 400 students from all over the world have tried the "Padel By Pieces" Method. Be among the first in your country and improve with the method used by professional players